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How We Can Help

We work on many exciting projects to help improve the lives of others, and are very proud of the progress we continue to make.


Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work every day to promote positive change below. You can also get in touch with us to get involved. 

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Our Programs

Peer Recovery services

Empowering people to find out that there is life above and beyond addiction. Harm reduction efforts as well as Narcan distribution. Meeting people where they are at within their recovery, no matter what they are recovering from we are here to see people succeed.


We also host a Recovery Coach Academy for individuals who are in long term recovery. Individual can become a Peer Recovery Specialist  to help other others in the recovery process.

Be a Hope Dealer!!!


Chemical Assessments

A chemical use assessment is a confidential evaluation process where a clinician (usually an alcohol and drug counselor, social worker, or mental health practitioner) will interview you on different aspects of your life and alcohol and drug use. The purpose of an assessment is to determine what kind of treatment program will be the best fit for you, your life and your recovery goals.

Community Outreach

As a non-profit organization, Hope Dealerz is dedicated to making a real difference in our community. We are passionate about community outreach, and we think that everyone has the power to make an impact. Whether you are looking to volunteer your time, donate, or just get involved in creating positive change, please reach out.  


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